How Do You Emergency Patch a Roof?

tree fallen onto a house

How do you deal with a roofing emergency?

The weather can be unpredictable at any time of year. There are days, weeks, even months of hot blistering sun, followed by hail storms, and hard rains, and all of this can come with high winds. At any point, emergency roof repair can be required if a roof is damaged by falling limbs or if shingles are ripped off by the winds. When you find yourself in need of emergency roof repair in Houston, TX you may find yourself in a panic and – and find yourself wondering what you should do to deal with your roofing emergency. The first and most important step in most cases is don’t panic. The second step is to rely on the help of professionals like the members of our team. If you’re dealing with an emergency, give us a call at 832-479-0336.

Is a hole in the roof an emergency?

Whether it is a limb on the roof that has put a hole in the roof or the high winds and hailstones have knocked off some shingles, you need emergency roof repair, possibly roof replacement. At any time that the attic or the interior of the home is subjected to weather elements, getting professional service should be sought sooner rather than later. 

What should you do if your roof is leaking?

Go up into the attic and look for roof leaks there. There may be water dripping, trickling, or pouring into the attic through the roof. If the rain has stopped, look for water stains, wet insulation, and roofing rafters. Of course, if you see any gaping hole, you know you have a roof leak and need emergency roof repair service immediately.

What should you do while waiting for roof repair?

If a storm comes through and leaves you needing emergency roof repair, there are chances that others in the Houston area are going to need emergency roof repairs or replacement too.  But you need to protect your home while waiting for a roofing contractor to arrive, so, what should you do in the meantime for temporary protection? 

  • Safety Check: Check your entire home, exterior, and interior to make sure there aren’t any immediate dangers to your family and the rest of your home. Look for broken roof pieces in and around your home, and pick up any broken glass, and other debris that could be dangerous and harmful. Make sure there aren’t any live, loose electrical wiring, leaking gas or water lines. 
  • Temporary Cover Roof Leaks: You’ve called your roofing contractor, but in the meantime, you need to prevent additional damage by covering the damaged area. What is the best temporary roof covering? Using a plastic tarp is ideal to cover the damaged area. This will prevent additional damage to your home and stop further damage from happening to the roof. Stretch the tarp over so that it is a foot over each side of the hole, then fasten it down with 2×4 boards and screws. 
  • Call Your Insurance Company: After you have called a roofing contractor and made temporary repairs to stop the leaking, call your insurance company. Advise them you have roof damage and have an emergency roof repair service on the way or already done. They will assign a case number and an insurance adjuster to your case. The adjuster will get there as quickly as possible and perform an inspection. 

Can just a section of a damaged roof be repaired?

Maybe, but it may not be feasible or suggested.  If there is more than 25% of the roof damaged, the entire roof should be repaired or replaced. A partial repair will leave the roof with mismatched roofing material. While there may not be immediate obvious damage to the rest of the roof, the damaged area could weaken the entire roof. Have emergency roof repairs for the obvious and then at a later date, have the entire roof inspected again, replacing if necessary.

What time of year is best for roof repairs?

Roofing contractors prefer doing roof repairs or new roof installation during the fall. Here in Texas, this is a cool time of the year with mild weather (for example, spring brings more rain and hailstorms). However, if you need emergency roof repairs, you might need roof repair at any time of year. It simply takes planning on the roofing contractor’s part to figure out how to prevent further problems during the roof repair process.

In Conclusion

With emergency roof repairs, there are often other parts of your home damaged as well. This can include the siding, windows, and window sills, as well as any of the exterior parts of your home. The insurance adjuster will include all these areas, including the attic, in their inspection process.

If you don’t have a mortgage, the check will be made out to you, but don’t skip the repairs. Once you have filed a claim with your insurance company, a record is created and if you have another claim later, they could deny the claim stating homeowner neglect to previous damage. The insurance company may cancel your policy altogether, and you may find it challenging to get a new policy. 

Bear in mind that the roofing company you work with will often be able to help in the insurance claims process as a part of their emergency roof repairs. If you’ve found yourself in need of help, reach out to us today. Give us a call at 832-479-0336 to speak to a member of our team about what we can do for you.