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Get a Team of Professionals on the Job

Innpreconn Roofing is a professional roofing company in Stafford, TX that’s ready to get your property where it needs to be. We back our services with 3-year labor and 30-year material warranties. No matter what kind of property you have, we have the tools and equipment to make sure that your roof lasts for years to come. We specialize in both residential and commercial properties, so give our team a call when you need an experienced roofing company in Stafford, TX on the job. Call us now at 832-479-0336 to schedule an appointment. We’re happy to help!   

Services That We Offer

There are a number of different services that we offer our clients depending on their roofing needs and the type of roof they have or want. With flat roofing, we offer such materials as single-ply, modified bitumen roofing, and other cool roofing materials. It’s important that with flat commercial roofs, an extra layer of protection be added in order to avoid premature wear from the sun or exposure to the elements.

Metal roofing can be a great way to amplify the protection of your roof all while enhancing the roof’s visual look. With a 50-plus year roof life, you’ll have both cool roofing abilities all while protecting your property from extreme weather conditions. Ultimately, there is a roofing material that is ideal for any property. Make sure to discuss your options with a knowledgeable roofer to see what’s best for you.

Innpreconn Roofing is here to help guide you as your roofing company in Stafford, TX. Call us at 832-479-0336 to learn more about our services.