Types of Roofs

Types of Roofs

If you’re a home or business owner who’s looking to get your roofs replaced, then that’s always a step in the right direction. Although, you have to bear in mind that there are different and countless decisions that you have to make before the roofing replacement actually begins.

Here at Innpreccon Roofing, we provide different types of roofs for our clients, and the most popular ones are the following:

• Metal Roofing

If you’re looking for a more inexpensive roofing type that requires no maintenance but lasts practically forever, then you ought to consider getting a metal roof. This is one of the most low-cost types of roof out there, and there’s no need for you to repair it once it’s been installed by our team because it can last you for decades! Although, we still recommend having your roofs inspected regularly.


• Shingle Roofing

Another inexpensive yet durable roofing type is none other than shingle roofing. There are two basic types of shingles: fiberglass and organic mat. These two are great, but you have to know what kind of roof you’ve wanted to replace yours with, and then you can decide since these two are similar but also very different when it comes to what they’re made of. Although, no matter what you choose, know that both shingle roofs are trusted and very durable.


• Flat Roofing

If you’re looking to maximize the amount of usable space above and below your roofs, then you ought to consider having a flat roof. If you’re into a more modern and stylish design, then this could be perfect! This could also be perfect for business owners who have a more industrial commercial space, so be sure to choose the perfect roofing before committing to any other type of roof.