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Is summer the Best Time to Get a New Roof?

Updated: Jun 16

Summer is the season of home improvement. The skies are clear, the weather’s warm, and people are generally more cheery. You’ve probably found that it’s during the summer season that you want to take on new projects for the house. Contractors experience this too.

But is summer really the best time to get a new roof?

Well, it might be the perfect time in some ways. Why? No rain — you’re not at risk of getting any water in from the weather during the time of a roof replacement. There is no risk of roofers slipping on wet or slick surfaces. And the days are longer, so more work can be done during daylight hours.

While roofing in summer has its advantages, there are also drawbacks to roofing in the summer.

Hot days. So hot that workdays are often short or even non-existent. Roofers are some of the hardest working, sturdiest people in the world. They can do a lot of hard labor that many others would not want to do. But 80 degree weather and the sun beating down on you on top of a shade-less roof could be frustrating.

Also when it’s too hot, shingles can’t be installed properly because the materials can soften too much or adhesives can dry out.

What is the ideal time of year to roof?

When above freezing temperatures, the cooler the better. Cloud cover can be excellent as long as there’s no rain on the horizon.

The fall and early spring make for some of the best times to replace your roof. Technicians are not at much risk of dehydration then, for this reason they can confidently spend more time to get the project done in a matter of days.

Even though a plurality of roofs are installed during the summer, if you’re looking for a new roof, you may be best served getting it done in the off-season. The best roofing contractors are extremely good at making sure roofs are waterproof at all the right times. The safest time to tear off an old roof and install a new one is often during days of no rain within a rainy season.

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