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Questions to Ask a Houston Area Roofer before Hiring Them

Updated: Jun 16

You need a professional roof installer to install a more efficient, secure roof. But with so many roofers out there in the Houston area, the last thing you want is to give your roofing project to mediocre roofers that will frustrate your plans and make you regret. That’s why it’s so important to carry out a good research before making a decision.

This is not about doing a simple Google search online. Try as much as possible to go further and ask questions from your prospective installer before hiring them.

Here are a few questions to get you started, as well as why they’re so important to ask.

How Long Have You Been In Business? Are You Local?

This speaks to the reputation of the business. You want to know that they have some experience at their backs to make them credible before hiring them to work on your roof. It also helps to know that they work locally, rather than being a national chain that isn’t really invested in your community. A local Houston area roofer will be familiar with the climate, the people, and the best types of roofs for the space.

Are You Licensed? Do You Have Insurance and Worker’s Compensation?

To work in Houston, TX a roofer must first be licensed. If you talk to anyone who can’t provide proof of a license, then you are wasting your time.

If a roofer is insured, it goes a long way towards protecting you from liability. If your roofer isn’t insured with general liability insurance and worker’s compensation, an accident that happens on the job could legally and financially be considered your responsibility as the homeowner. Save yourself the possible unexpected costs and go with a roofer that is already insured.

Will You Remove My Old Roof? What Do You Do With the Old Material?

Not all roofers remove your old roof material. Some try to cut costs by installing the new roof on top of the old roof. This can cause many issues, because it might not address any issues that might be going underneath the roof.

Homeowners might also be concerned when it comes to the clean-up. In most cases, homeowners will not be required to dispose of their old roof material. Roofers will bring a large container for the old roofing material, and they will ship it off when the job is done. If any roofing company tries to make this your responsibility, that’s a problem.

Do You Offer a Variety of Options?

Many roofers try to push one particular material over another. This is often because one material or another makes them more money. But that’s not done with the best interests of the homeowner at heart. That’s why the best roofers will offer options. They’ll break down each option in terms of quality and value and help you to find the right choice for you. They’ll also offer financing and special deals so that if you do choose a pricier option, you can still fit it within your budget.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions of a roofer that you plan to hire. You need to be informed before you sign any contract with them. Have questions for innprecconroofing and our roofing services? Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free estimate.

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